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Recognised by NCTE and Affiliated to Gauhati University


KALIABOR COLLEGE OF EDUCATION - the name itself signifies love beyond hatred, unity in diversity, goodness and sancity. Since the inception of this prestigious institution, I am privileged that I have been a part of this college as a student and as the General Secretary of Education Forum. From then till date of my perspective about this institution has remained unchanged. Although at present I have been a part of this college in unofficial term, I have perceived that, to be an unconditional and uncontroversial teacher one must engage oneself in this B.Ed course. Once the degree has been awarded there is no doubt of one becoming and developing oneself in the path of being effective teacher.

Progress is impossible without change and it is applicable in the B.Ed course too. At present the duration of this course is extended to two years time where the learners have ample time to archieve perfection in their teaching life.

Finally the intense emotions that in undates the core of my heart about this sollege will remain unaffected with the passing of time. Whenever the name Kaliabor College of Education echoes, a familiar feeling disturbs me. Still my love for KCE will remain constnt - inevidently and persistently. May Kaliabor College of Education shines bright in the sky and becomes the source of Nation Builder Production Centre in India.

Kiran Ch. Borah
Working President
ALUMNI, Kaliabor College of Education

Alumni Speech

“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action”—This famous quote by English philosopher Herbert Spencer is best applicable in exploring the dignity of Kaliabor College of Education. Being a part of this renowned educational institution, I feel proud and salute to all concerned for imparting real-life education towards constructing moral educators. I wish all the grand success of this institution in future.
Nilima Hazari
ALUMNI, Kaliabor College of Education

Alumni Speech

Days of pursuing B.Ed at kaliabor College of Education, were the most memorable days of my life. It was a great time spent among the KCE family where there is wonderful faculty who treats every student as their own child.
The relationship between teacher and student is very cordial. Being the first batch of the newly introduced 2 years B.Ed course was pretty crucial one. But with the guidance and cooperation of our teachers the course went on very smoothy which helped me to excel professionally as well as personally. The two years spend here was splendid and I would be chershing it throughout my lifetime.
The activities of this college like community service, practice teaching, intership, group assignments helped me personally to groom myself and provided chances to interact with greater personalities.
For all i would like to thank my respected teachers, parents as well as my classmates for helping me till date to move ahead in my life and career. I wish and pray that in the coming years, Kaliabor College of Education stands high amidst the storms and shines bright. LONG LIVE KCE.
Ellora Borah
ALUMNI, Kaliabor College of Education